There is only one single purpose when Yesbit was founded in 2015: To make blockchain technology more accessible to everybody. We are trying to achieve that goal by dividing our business into three parts:

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Yesbit OTC

OTC Fiat-Crypto Trading platform

Entry Point for the cryptocurrency world

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Generalized Oracles for Blockchain

Showing people what blockchain is capable of doing in the future

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Blockchain Consulting

Full Strategy & Technology Planning

Develop and integrate the strategy for the profit-maximizing path



Yesbit OTC

Fiat-Crypto OTC trading platform

An Over The Counter (OTC) platform which allows Fiat-currency to be used to trade Cryptocurrencies. The encrypted transaction and the professional customer service are provided to protect every user's funds.

The cryptocurrencies available on the website include BTC, ETH and USDT. It’s much faster and cheaper compared with traditional exchanges.

Technical Support

Full Strategy & Technology planning service

All Blockchain organizations need to reinvent themselves, the ability in creating alignment between its structure, its product and its strategy.

We bring the best of our innovating developing capacities and marketing trend identification to your Blockchain business demands for meeting the high quality expectations. Through our full strategy and technology planning service, Technology and Markets will be integrated to generate the new insights, draw the pioneering solutions, execute the decisions and improve the business performance.


There is no better place to learn about cryptocurrencies or blockchain other than working at a blockchain company. Yesbit is made up of people who are open minded and forward thinking. We believe blockchain and decentralization is the future of human society and we are grateful and excited to be part of this journey.

Benefit to join Yesbit

Our employees are our most important asset and taking care of them has always been our top priority. Other than the competitive pay we offer, all of our full time permanent employees enjoy group health benefits that covers dental, vision and the prescription. In addition to that we host monthly team building events as well as employee birthday celebrations.

If you have the same mindset, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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